Directory submission

We are constantly on the look for new directories around the world. Our directory database currently contains more than 1300 entries.

Submitting your website’s address to directories will increase the visibility of your pages on the internet. Also some search engines give your pages more credibility if they have other pages on internet linking to them.

All our submissions to directories are made manually, by an operator who will monitor acceptance to these directories and who will choose the best description and keywords for your website according to the directory.

All submissions are monitored; most of the directories require approval upon submission. We deliver a monthly report of how many directories have been impacted by our campaign and how many of them approved your website so far.

You can see the results of our directory submission program by typing the url of your website in google.

It usually takes about 6 months before a directory submission program becomes effective.

Directory submission may also contribute to get your page even higher in the search results, as it will give more credibility to your website.

Our current price for this service is fixed at 130 euros / 200 us dollars per month for a period of 6 months. Your website will be submitted to at least 1300 directories in this period.


Simply contact us with a short description of your project and we will come back to you within 24 hours.